Service Level Agreement

The following is a Service Level Agreement (the "Agreement") between Hostineer (the "Host") and the individual (the "Client") who subscribes and regularly remits subscription-based payment directly to any hosting service (the "Service") provided by Hostineer.

What level of service is covered

Hostineer promises to provide 99.9% Uptime of the Client's web hosting service during any month beginning on the first day at 00:00 EST (-0500 GMT) and ending on the final day of the month at 23:59 EST.

How is it measured?

Uptime is measured as any responsiveness to the server as measured in periodic ICMP packets (pings) and sensible HTTP tests as rendered through a third-party, HyperSpin. Any time in which either of these tests fails, it is considered an outage and counts against the 99.9% Uptime promise.

How can I claim reimbursement?

Clients who have been affected by failure to adhere to the 99.9% Uptime promise may request reimbursement within 60 days beginning on the 1st day of the following month in which Hostineer was unable to provide 99.9% Uptime. Reimbursement may be requested by opening a support ticket within Launchpad or by contacting us.

What is the reimbursement schedule?

The following reimbursements apply to the should we fail to deliver on our Uptime promise:

  • Less than 50% uptime: 3 month credit
  • Less than 90% uptime: 1 month credit
  • Less than 95% uptime: 15 day credit
  • Less than 99.9% uptime: 3 days credit prorated per minute

What's not covered?

The Agreement covers typical non-responsiveness of websites stemming from hosting provider software misconfiguration, server overpopulation, or server hardware failure. Accounts that are purposefully disabled for late payment or exceeding its resource limits (memory, bandwidth, CPU) are not covered. Accounts disabled for policy violations are likewise not included. Upstream hardware failure that is managed directly by the data center, for example a core router or mains electricity, is not covered. Additionally, acts of nature, acts of god, and acts of terrorism are not covered by the Agreement.